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Ahmad Masykur is a Software Architecture Engineer at PT. Freeport Indonesia Jakarta Indonesia.
In this blog, I share things of interest to me. Most topics are likely to be related to software development, but don't hold me to it.



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Ahmad Masykur

Resolving Issue: Unable to Install Nokia WRT Plugin on Visual Studio 2008 Team Suite

I have downloaded Nokia Web Runtime Plugins for Visual Studio to develop web-based widget on Symbian device. I have problem to Install WRT on my VSTS 2008 SP1.  When install the plugins, I’m always getting message “The setup requires Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1. Please install Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 and run this setup again”. What’s wrong? I have an instance of Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Suite  with the SP1 which is VS90sp1-KB945140-ENU.exe installed.


I have solution from Nokia forum. It is a bug of WRT installer that mistype the installation condition checking. To resolve issue:

  1. Download the Orca MSI editor.
  2. Open the WRT plugin MSI with Orca.
  3. Get the table _VsdLaunchCondition.
  4. Here is the string for Visual Studion version checking.
  5. Replace VS2008TS_SP strings (2 times) with VSTS2008TS_SP.
  6. Save and Close.
  7. Viola, the installation is working now.

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